FACT BOOK 2002-2003




1904:  The Reverend John C. Brewton, pastor of the First Baptist Church in McRae, Georgia, and C. B. Parker, a member of Brewton’s congregation and a Telfair County business leader, establish Union Baptist Institute (UBI) as a private boarding school.  The Daniell and Telfair Baptist Associations support UBI.

1905:  UBI opens September 12, with 160 students and seven teachers.  The campus, built on property at the juxtaposition of Mount Vernon and Ailey in Montgomery County, consists of an academic hall, two dormitories, and a dining commons.  Dr. Brewton is the first president.

1912:  Trustees rename the school Brewton-Parker Institute (BPI).  W. A. Malloy serves as president.

1913:  Robert E. Robertson is named president.

1916:  Bunyan B. Smith assumes the school’s presidency.

1917:  Brewton-Parker earns accreditation from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS).

1918:  Dr. Brewton returns as BPI’s president.

1919:  Linton Stephens Barrett becomes president.

1922:  Barrett proposes making BPI a junior college.  Albert Martin Gates succeeds Barrett as president.

1923:  BPI adds a college freshman class.

1927:  With the addition of a sophomore class, BPI becomes Brewton-Parker Junior College.

1929:  Brewton-Parker discontinues its elementary school.

1941:  Gates resigns; he is followed by R. L. Robinson.

1946:  C. T. Ricks becomes president.

1948:  Brewton-Parker drops all secondary education from its curriculum.  The Georgia Baptist Convention assumes sole ownership of the college upon the offer of southeast Georgia’s 21 Baptist associations.

1949:  President Ricks resigns; M. P. Campbell succeeds him.

1953:  M. A. Murray assumes the college’s presidency.

1957:  Brewton-Parker drops all tactical, vocational, and terminal classes, becoming an institution devoted to a liberal arts curriculum.  Dr. Theodore (Ted) Phillips becomes president.

1962:  SACS accredits Brewton-Parker as a junior college.

1978:  Trustees officially adopt the name Brewton-Parker College (BPC).

1979:  Dr. Starr Miller assumes the presidency upon Dr. Phillips’s retirement.

1983:  Dr. Miller proposes a Bachelor of Ministry degree program.  Dr. Y. Lynn Holmes becomes president.

1984:  SACS grants BPC candidacy status for the baccalaureate degree program.

1985:  BPC graduates first senior class of 22 students.

1986:  SACS recognizes BPC as a four-year institution December 9.

1997:  Dr. Holmes resigns; Dr. Miller returns as interim president.

1998:  Trustees confirm Dr. David R. Smith as BPC’s fourteenth president.