FACT BOOK 2002-2003




Academics being the central purpose for an educational institution, Brewton-Parker College affirms its commitment to the tradition of liberal arts education that aims to provide a core of knowledge in an atmosphere of free inquiry. Further, the College seeks to train students to develop the capacity for understanding and judgment in a critical context, to evaluate information and see its relevance in the various situations of life, and to commit to a life of continued learning. To achieve this end the College supports:


        A community of learners who are committed to upholding rigorous academic standards and whose emphasis is on critical thinking skills.

        A highly qualified faculty who encourage students to reach their full academic potential, seek to relate their classroom to the world, and employ an interdisciplinary approach in an atmosphere of free inquiry.  

        A dynamic faculty engaged in ongoing scholarly pursuits and in advancing pedagogical techniques.


In providing an undergraduate education that is informed by the Christian faith, Brewton-Parker College will:


        Employ a Christian worldview to guide every area of the College in developing an appreciation for and an understanding of the Christian faith.

        Foster a Christ-centered environment in which members of the College community model Christian values and are free to express their faith.

        Remain mindful of its Christian heritage as a Georgia Baptist institution and will strive to become a liberal arts college of distinction for all students, regardless of their denominational affiliation or religious preference, who seek a Christian higher education.


Members of the Brewton-Parker College community will nurture each other within a Christian environment and encourage the intellectual, emotional, physical, and spiritual growth of the students entrusted to our care. Activities both inside and outside the classroom will:


        Recognize and reinforce the dignity and worth of the individual by acknowledging individual convictions and cultural differences through civility, tolerance, fairness, and compassion.

        Encourage the cultivation of those traits of character and intellect that represent the zenith of human maturation and include personal integrity, ethical decision making, the exercise of compassion, and the pursuit of spiritual development, excellence and high ideals.

        Inspire a commitment to a life of service that is based upon the collegiate experience of individual respect and encouragement as well as the example of the Brewton-Parker College community where service is seen as a social and civic responsibility and as an expression of Christian stewardship.