FACT BOOK 2002-2003



In order of resource commitment


1.     Secure FINANCIAL STABILITY and VIABILITY by maximizing resource development, reducing debt, improving operational and technological efficiency, operating within a balanced budget and maintaining a sufficient contingency fund.


2.     Ensure INSTITUTIONAL EFFECTIVENESS through an integrated planning, budgeting and assessment process.


3.     Improve ENROLLMENT through aggressive student recruitment and retention processes.


4.     Enhance ACADEMIC QUALITY by continually developing mission centered academic programs in Mount Vernon and at external programs centers; expanding library resources and services; improving the faculty by increasing the percentage of faculty with terminal degrees, revising the academic rank and tenure system and widening faculty development opportunities; increasing student learning expectations and monitoring learning outcomes; incorporating technology with learning activities.


5.     Advance the CHRISTIAN DISTINCTIVENESS consistent with the College’s mission through all programs, activities and services.


6.    Expand STUDENT ENRICHMENT by providing opportunities for students to develop intellectually, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.