Brewton-Parker College
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Policy and Procedure Manual

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  1.100 GENERAL
    1.1.0 Bylaws
    1.1.1 Statement of Purpose
    1.1.1-a Mission Statement
    1.1.2 Institutional Integrity Plan
    1.1.3 Institutional Planning
    1.1.4 Relationship to Other Policies
  1.1.5 Accreditation
    1.1.6 Ownership and Support
    1.2.0 Board of Trustees
    1.2.1   Administrative Structure President Vice President for Academic Affairs Vice President for College Advancement Vice President for Enrollment Services Vice President Emeritus Chief Financial Officer
  1.2.2 Organizational Chart
  1.2.3 Standing Committees
  2.100   GENERAL
    2.1.0 Distribution of Policy and Procedure Manual
    2.1.1 Grievance Affirmative Action Officer
    2.1.2 Nepotism
    2.1.3 Fraternization
    2.1.4 Personnel Files
    2.1.5 Termination of Non-Faculty Employees
    2.1.5-a Termination Report Form
  2.1.6 Placement of Vacancies and Selection of Applicants for Non-Faculty Positions
    2.1.8 Maternity Leave
    2.1.9 Computer Information Services
    2.1.10 Ceremonial Banners
    2.1.11 Senior Citizens Program
    2.1.12 Identification Cards
    2.1.13 Drug Free Workplace Compliance Program
    2.1.15 No Smoking
    2.1.16 Keys
    2.1.16-a Key Relinquishment Form
    2.1.17 Social Deportment of Employees
    2.1.18 Awarding Honorary Doctorates
    2.1.19 Establishment of Endowed Scholarships
    2.1.19-a Scholarship Agreement
    2.1.20 Non-Faculty Employee Compensation Non-Faculty Employee Monthly Time Reports
    2.1.20-a Monthly Time Report – Exempt
    2.1.20-b Monthly Time Report – Non-Exempt
    2.1.20-c Monthly Time Report - Part Time
    2.1.21 Overtime
    2.1.22 School Colors and Mascot
    2.1.23 Volunteer Service
    2.1.24 Technology Planning and Governance
    2.1.25 Assets Management (Inventory Control)
    2.1.26 Non-Discrimination
    2.1.27 Requests for Sponsorships
  2.1.28 Maintenance Requests
    2.1.28-a Maintenance Request Form
    2.1.30 Fund-Raising
    2.1.31 Internal Audit Department
    2.1.32 Outside Activities (Staff)
    2.1.33 Investment Policy
    2.1.34 Vendors
    2.1.35 Information Privacy and Security Policy
    2.1.35-a Plan for Implementation of Privacy and Safeguarding Guidelines
    2.1.35-b Financial Information Privacy and Safeguarding Guidelines
    2.1.36 Records Retention in the Registrar’s Office
    2.1.38 External Cash
    2.1.39 Official Address
    2.1.40 Child Protection
    2.1.40-a Summer Camp Contract
    2.1.41 Non-Retaliation
    2.1.42 Painting Regulations for Campus Offices
    2.1.43 Gifts Receipted and Recorded for Business Office
    2.1.44 Support Documentation for Advancement Pledges
    2.1.45 Loan Code of Conduct
    2.1.46 Name Tags
    2.1.47 Usage of Logos
    2.1.48 Conflict of Interest
  2.1.48-a Operational Integrity and Disclosure Form
    2.1.49 Confidentiality
  2.1.50 Qualifying Hardships to Withdraw Funds from Retirement Accounts
  2.1.51 Full Time Non-Faculty Employee Workday
    2.1.52 Use of Permanently Assigned College Vehicles
    2.1.53 Campus Food Policy
    2.1.54 Fraud Risk Assessment
    2.1.55   Internal Control Policy
  2.200   FACILITIES
    2.2.0 Utilization of Facilities
    2.2.0-a Hold Harmless Agreement
    2.2.0-b Facility Fee Schedule
    2.2.0-c Sound Technician Request Saliba Chapel Gates Hall Gates Hall Reservation Form Gilder Recital/Miller Music Gilder and Miller Guidelines Gilder Door Key Contract Utilization of the Snooks Student Activities Center Snooks Student Activities Center General Rules and Regulations Hall of Fame Room Gymnasium (Snooks Student Activity Center) Game Room Rules and Regulations
  2.2.1 Building Managers
    2.2.2 Swimming Pool Rules
    2.2.3 Campground Usage
  2.2.4 Parker Gymnasium
  2.300   PURCHASING
    2.3.0 Overview
  2.3.0-a Purchase Requisition (online fill-in)
    2.3.0-a Purchase Requisition
    2.3.0-b Check Requisition (online fill-in)
2.3.0-b Check Requisition
    2.3.0-c Bid Request
    2.3.1 Cash Accounts
    2.3.2 Club/Activity Bank Accounts
    2.3.3 Credit Cards
    2.3.4 Reimbursement for Incidental Expenditures
    2.3.5 Travel Reimbursement Moving Allowance Reimbursement
    2.3.5-b Travel Expense Statement
    2.3.5-b Travel Expense Statement (online fill-in)
    2.3.6 Petty Cash Funds
    2.3.6-a Form PC-1
    2.3.6-b Form PC-2
    2.3.6-b-1 Form PC-2 Miscellaneous
    2.3.6-c Form PC-3
    2.3.7 Approval of Check Signers
    2.3.8 Uninsured Deposits with Private Financial Institutions
    2.3.9 Reconciliation of Quarterly Payroll Reports to the General Ledger & Monthly Bank Reconciliation
    2.3.10 Campus Store Order Requisition
  2.400   ATHLETICS
    2.4.1 Mission
    2.4.2 Affiliations
    2.4.2-a Compliance Memo
    2.4.3 Teams
    2.4.4 Administration
    2.4.5 Athletic Program Management Plan
    2.4.6 Recruiting; Financial Aid
    2.4.7 Baron Club
    2.4.8 Recruitment and Employment of Coaches Hiring the Director Athletics
    2.4.9 Budgeting
    2.4.10 Scheduling
    2.4.11 Equipment; Venue Management
    2.4.12 Hall of Fame
    2.4.13 Athletic Leadership Grant Agreement Form
    2.4.14 Maintaining Equity
    2.4.15 Athletic Organizational Chart
    2.4.16 Athletic Scholarship Awards Notification to Financial Aid
    2.4.17 Athletic Revenue
    2.4.17-a Athletic Event Authorization
    2.4.17-b Athletic Event Contract
    2.4.18 Sunday Athletic Events
    2.5.0 Student Participation in Governance
    2.5.1 Student Publication Responsibilities
    2.5.2 Residence Hall Closure
    2.5.3 Minimum Balance on Accounts
    2.5.4 Chapel Attendance
    2.5.5 Military Deployment of Students
    2.5.6 Federal Work Study Compliance
    2.5.7 Outside Campus Ministries
    2.5.8 Graduation Dates
    2.5.9 Admissions Waivers
    2.5.10 Awarding of Financial Aid
    2.5.11 Excused Absences for Student Group Travel
    2.5.11-a Student Group Travel Form
    2.5.12 Perkins Loan Federal Regulation Disclosures
    2.5.12-a Perkins Obligation Agreement
    2.5.13 Academic Integrity
  3.100   GENERAL
    3.1.0 Insurance
    3.1.1 Flexible Benefits
    3.1.2 Social Security
    3.1.3 Retirement Programs
    3.1.4 Payroll
    3.1.5 Tuition Exchange Program
    3.1.6 Sick Leave and Death Benefits
    3.1.7 Vacations and Holidays
    3.1.8 Emergency Leave
    3.1.8-a Catastrophic Sick Leave Contribution Form
    3.1.8-b Catastrophic Sick Leave Request for Assistance Form
    3.1.9 Services
    3.1.10 Employee Scholarship Plan
    3.1.10-a Employee Scholarship Plan Application
4.000   FACULTY
  4.100   GENERAL
    4.1.0 Faculty Assembly
    4.1.1 Policy on Recruitment and Appointment of Faculty Evaluation of Full-Time Faculty
    4.1.2 Duties and Responsibilities
    4.1.3 Teaching Load
    4.1.4 Outside Activities
    4.1.5 Academic Rank
    4.1.6 Tenure/Rank Committee
    4.1.7 Appointment and Promotion
    4.1.8 Academic Freedom
    4.1.9 Allocation of Endowment Funds for Academic Chairs
    4.1.10 Professional Tenure Evaluation by Division Chairperson Criteria for Tenure for Professional Librarians Policy on Dismissal of Tenured Faculty Post Tenure Review Non-Tenured Faculty Hired Prior to 2003
    4.1.11 Contracts
    4.1.12 Criteria for Annual Salary Increments
    4.1.13 Professional Leave
    4.1.14 Faculty Personnel Files
    4.1.15 Policy on Access to Faculty Files
    4.1.16 Student Evaluations
    4.1.17 Divisional Organizations
    4.1.18 Recruitment of Division Chairs
    4.1.19 Course Grades
    4.1.20 Changes in Grades
    4.1.21 Self-Evaluation of Teaching Methods and Effectiveness
    4.1.22 Miscellaneous Regulations
    4.1.23 Distinguished Professor
    4.1.24 Employment of Part Time Faculty
    4.1.25 Adjunct Faculty Scholarship Plan

Intellectual Property Policy

    4.1.27 Academic Integrity Policy
    5.1.0 Part I
  5.1.1 Part II
    5.2.0   Office of the President Administrative Assistant Internal Auditor
    5.3.0   Office of the Academic Vice President Assistant Administrative Assistant
    5.3.1   Academic/Administrative Support Services Director Coordinator, Post Office
    5.3.2   Institutional Planning/Assessment/Research Executive Director for Planning and Institutional Research Assistant Director Director of Assessment
    5.3.5   Computer Information Services Chief Information Officer PC/Network Technician Network Technician Webmaster
    5.3.6   Library Director Circulation Assistant Reference Librarian
    5.3.7   Registrar Registrar Associate Registrar
    5.3.9   Division of Education Secretary
    5.4.0   Office of College Advancement Administrative Assistant Director of Annual Fund, Grants, and Alumni Relations Director of Development
    5.4.1   Athletics Director Coach Assistant Coach Director of Wellness Director of Athletic Development
    5.4.2   News & Information Marketing Coordinator
    5.6.0   Office of Enrollment Services Administrative Assistant
    5.6.1   Admissions Director Admissions Counselor Specialist Report Writer Assistant Director
    5.6.2   Financial Aid Executive Director Assistant Director Financial Aid Counselor Office Manager
    5.6.3   Student Affairs Dean of Students Director of Residence Life Director of Counseling Services Career Counselor Secretary, Counseling Services
    5.6.5   External Programs
    5.6.7   International Student Services Director of International Student Services
    5.7.0   Business Office Senior Accountant Accounts Payable Clerk Fiscal Affairs Assistant Payroll and Human Resources Clerk Specialist, Accounts Receivable
  6.100   GENERAL
    6.1.0 Missionary-In-Residence Program
    6.1.1 Off-Campus Event Planning Checklist
    6.1.2   Evaluation Forms Administrative Evaluation Form Descriptions Administrative Evaluation Form Performance Evaluation for Non-Faculty Employees Staff Performance Rating
    Crisis Response Manual