Jennifer Cox Innocence (Cover Art)


Eye (art)

Nicky Stokes

Face (art)
Nicky Stokes Letter from the Editor
Theresa Beverly My Song?
Stephanie Whaley “Scattered thoughts”
Jim Beal Untested Clay

Jennifer Cox

Leaf and Tree (art)
Lydia Farmer art
Jim Beal “I am running blind...”
Rebecca Timberlake photograph

One Point (art)

Rachel Jones The Disappearing Magic Hour

Sandra Clay

Ode to Edna

Mark Stokes

Her Faith

Nicky Stokes

Sloan Warren Vain Escape
RF Oblivious (art)

Tiffany Stevens

Young Writers Award

The Pendant
RF background art: Letters
RF Dream (art)
Mark Stokes To the Grandfather
I Never Met
Stephanie Whaley Gray Decision
Lori Wilson photograph

Stephanie Whaley

Two Faces
Mitch McClure Neverland
Angela Yarber Glory and Abandonment (art)
Sandra Clay Eggshell
RF Just Thinking (art)
Oracle Contest Winners
Mark Stokes New Creation
Jennifer Cox Innocence (art)
William Parrish Excerpt from “Normandy”

Tina Clay


Rebecca Timberlake photograph
Mark Stokes A Trip to the Real World
Mitch McClure Hannah’s Collection
Rebecca Timberlake photograph
karma ashton The Mechanics of Society
Don Wallace photograph
karma ashton Bleeding Heart
Don Wallace photograph
Jennifer Cox Nurture (art)
Neal Geidd The Answer to Life
RF art
Leslie McDaniel Tender Green
Maggie Haines Laughing Mullet?
Jennifer Cox art
Leslie McDaniel Deep Water Peace
RF art
Neal Geidd “As You asked me...”
Tina Clay art
RF Day in the Life... (comic)
karma ashton Spam
RF art
Jim Beall “He recoils from...”
Jim Beall “When will I break...”
RF art






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