General Information

To receive workstudy funds, you must secure and work a workstudy position.  Workstudy awards are pending based on funding to each institution set by the Department of Education for Federal Work study allocations.  Institutional workstudy awards are pending based on institutional budgeted funds available.  These funding allocations and the minimum hourly wage determine the amount of positions that are available to students who are interested in workstudy.


Two Types of Work-Study Programs:


    Federal Work-Study (FWS) -

    BPC Institutional Work-Study (BIW)




    Only the Financial Aid Office makes awards.

    Students must demonstrate federal financial need to receive federal work-study.

    Students who are ineligible for federal work-study may be eligible for Brewton-Parker College institutional work-study.


Enrollment Requirements:


    Student must be enrolled or be planning to be enrolled for the next regular session to utilize work-study.




    Work-study positions pay $6.55 an hour.

    The student only receives the amount of the award that he earns.

    Student must not exceed his/her award amount.

    Divisions that allow a student to work more than the awarded amount of work-study will have the overage taken out of their regular budgets.




    Student workers may not displace or replace regular employees of the College.

    Student may not work more than 20 hours a week during the semester.

    These jobs should be a learning experience for the students and a help to Brewton-Parker Colleges many busy faculty and staff.

    Work-study students are students first, and work-study is secondary to their main purpose for being here.




    The student is placed for the entire year.

    If there is a change in employment, notify the Financial Aid Office immediately.




        If working conditions are unsatisfactory, the student has the right to quit his job.

        The student must provide a written explanation of the termination to the Financial Aid office before he is placed in another position.