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Dr. Ergun Caner steps down as Brewton-Parker president

In an early morning meeting with the full trustee board of Brewton-Parker College, Dr. Ergun Caner briefly addressed the packed room informing them he was stepping down as their sixteenth president. Below is the prepared statement as Dr. Caner presented it:
I have asked for the unusual privilege of calling together the Board of Trustees this morning, before the committees meet.
I believe a summary of the past twelve months is in order, given our context.  When I arrived last year, we immediately set out to prepare for the SACS Team visit in April.  That visit did not go as we had expected, and it led to our appeal in San Antonio in June.  Though the appeal vote did not resolve our five-year struggle, in September we won a remand of our case with SACS, and along with our attorneys and the entire Executive Team, we prepared in earnest for December.  We presented our case before the SACS committee on December 6, and two days later, we accomplished what no other college has ever done- we were reaffirmed by SACS and taken off probation. After five years of struggle we are out of crisis.

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Ergun Caner

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January 20, 2015 11:38 AM