'Nunsense Christmas Musical' to take BPC stage this week

MOUNT VERNON -- Brewton-Parker College presents "Nuncrackers: The Nunsense Christmas Musical" on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday in Gates Auditorium. Performances are at 8 p.m. each day.
The show is filled with traditional "Nunsense-sense of humor" and one-liners that have made the other five Nunsense shows so popular.
The show includes some traditional carols in the overture and as underscoring, plus some Christmas carol spoofs including "Here We Come-a-Waffle-ing" and "The Holly and The Ivory."
The cast consists of Reverend Mother Regina, played by Janie Towns; Sister Mary Hubert, played by LeAnn Scott; Sister Robert Anne, played by Celia Cocke; Sister Mary Paul, also known as Sister Amnesia, played by Sarah Jones; and Father Virgil Manly Trott, Sister Leo's brother, played by Addy Pittman.
In addition are two young girls and a boy, Mount Saint Helen's students who are played by Chip Moore, Andrea Towns and Amber Williams - all of whom are students at Wheeler County Elementary School.
Supporting cast members are students in Sheri Threlkeld's Communication 305-Theatre Lab class at Brewton-Parker. Alston Carter is in charge of costumes, Daniel Walker is the set manager and designer, and Scott Welborn is the light and sound director.
Marcia Suber of Vidalia, a longtime director of the Franklinia Playhouse and frequent singer with the Brewton-Parker College Choral Society, is directing the production.
"Nuncrackers" takes place in the basement of Mount Saint Helen's Convent. It is the first TV special being taped in the Cable Access Studio built by Reverend Mother with part of the prize money won earlier by Sister Amnesia. A live camera with two television monitors is used to create an actual TV Studio feeling for the audience.
The show is the annual Christmas program put on at Mount Saint Helen's. Opening with the rousing "Christmas Time is Nunsense Time," we are introduced to the cast and are given a brief update in the past with everyone. The audience is then treated to an original ballet based on the "Nutcracker" featuring Sister Mary Leo as the Sugar Plum Fairy. Unfortunately, before Sister Leo makes her grand entrance, she is hit in the shin by one of the children's batons. What to do? The show will have to proceed without the ballet until Reverend Mother can figure out to salvage it.
Sister Amnesia holds a "Secret Santa" drawing to fill the time while Sister Leo is being taken care of. In the meantime, word comes that the gifts under the convent Christmas tree have been stolen. Reverend Mother goes to investigate, Leaving Father Virgil to entertain the audience with a touching ballad he wrote for his sister (Sister Mary Leo) called "The Christmas Box." Reverend Mother thinks she has a solution to the ballet problem (not realizing that Father Virgil has come up with the same solution) and the ballet goes forward. It is then that both Father Virgil and Reverend Mother appear as Sugar Plum Fairies and the first act ends with the "dueling" Sugar Plum Fairies in a hilarious ballet spoof.
Behind the scenes in Act Two, the sisters try to find out what happened to all the missing gifts. But on stage the program proceeds. When Reverend Mother is summoned upstairs to talk to the police about the stolen presents, Sister Robert Anne sings her 'big number,' "All I Want For Christmas." As the evening moves toward the finale, the audience discovers that the gifts in the convent were not stolen at all ... Sister Amnesia had given them to a poor family. Realizing how selfish they had been, Sister Hubert leads a hand-clapping, foot-stomping, gospel song titled "It's Better to Give Than to Receive."
Admission to the production is free for current Brewton-Parker students, faculty and staff. Admission for others is $3 for students and $5 for adults. Ticket information may be obtained by calling Threlkeld at 583-3107.
Licensing of Brewton-Parker's presentation is through Tams-Witmark Music Co. of New York.


Cast members of Brewton-Parker College's production of "Nuncrackers: The Nunsense Christmas Musical" dance and sing their way through rehearsal for Wednesday's opening-night performance at 8 in Gates Auditorium on the campus in Mount Vernon. Performances are also set for Friday and Saturday, also at 8 p.m. (Photo by Charles Conkin)