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Where’s the Remote?

August 27, 2008

TV remotes sure are a useful tool. They control the TV as long as the remote is in range and it isn’t hindered. However, sometimes, we lose track of the remote and we are left having to control the TV manually. We constantly have to get out of our seats and adjust the volume, change the channel, and eventually turn the TV off. The remote controls the TV.

In a recent Adam Sandler movie, Click, life itself has a remote control. However, when Adam Sandler’s character begins to control his life the way he wants to, he learns a valuable lesson, and that life is better left without our control. The movie also hints at a being which is in control. I would say that this is true, and that the one who is in control is God.

Firstly, those who believe the Bible to be true should also believe that God is the creator of the world. We find this in Genesis 1 and 2. If God is the creator, then obviously He would have the right to control his creation, or to establish rules that we should set as controls. Additionally, the Bible also claims that God is the one in control in a more straightforward manner through prophecies that come true, the intervention of God in the events of the world, and even some passages that more or less tell us God is in control of our lives.

In the Book of Job, one scene from the book tells how God came to Job and made it crystal clear to Job that He made the mighty things of the world, He controls the things we know nothing about, He even controls the things beyond this world that can impact our lives. This is a sovereign God who is certainly the one in control. David, the great King of Israel, also testifies to God’s sovereignty in Psalm 103.

Now think for a moment about how God is the one who controls our world. It doesn’t take long to find examples of an out of control world. Russia recently invaded the country of Georgia and very few good reasons for this aggression can be found. Many Muslim countries allow their Muslim citizens to harass and kill Christians without any kind of justice shown to these Christians who suffer. Abortion kills unborn children who have not even had a chance to harm anyone, but many people cannot fathom putting a convicted murderer to death. This world in many ways just doesn’t make much sense. I wonder how different this would be if the people who live in it would find the true controller, God himself. Unlike a remote, he won’t show us programs we want, God will lead us to the lives we are called to live.

The Truth found in this writing was provided by God’s Word.

Written by Timothy Hegerich / Edited by Dr. Vicki Hill

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