Campus Minister Shares, “God Has a Plan for Every One”

“God has a plan for everyone,” Madison Herrin shared with his audience. (Photo by Jose Carillo)


Madison Herrin, Campus Minster and the head softball coach for Brewton-Parker College, took the stage of Saliba Chapel on Tuesday, October 3 to preach the college’s weekly chapel service. Herrin’s stated goal for the message was to convey to the congregation that God has a plan for every one.

Herrin told the story of Joseph in the Bible, who rose through the ranks from slavery into a position of power. Joseph later helped his brothers, knowing they originally sold him into slavery. Herrin then read Genesis 50:20, which he referred to as the pivotal point of the message, “As for you, you meant evil against me, but God meant it for good,” Joseph said to his brothers.”

Herrin asked, “In the midst of all the evil things happening in the world every day, can you trust that the Lord has a big plan?”

Herrin pointed out that this section of Genesis repeatedly states: “The Lord was with Joseph.”

He went on to share, “A Christian’s relationship with the Lord is what will get them through difficult times.”

Herrin concluded his message by explaining that the bad things that happened in Joseph’s life were part of a greater plan. He said, “Had Joseph not been in his position of power and able to provide his family with food, they would have died. Had this family died off, then the Messiah never would have come. It’s all a big plan.”

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