BPC History Senior Presents Original Thesis


| Written By: Dr. Amanda Wrenn Allen

Saturday November 16, 2019, Brewton-Parker History Senior Gregory Hunter Kennedy presented at the Middle Georgia State University Undergraduate History Conference in Macon, GA. His paper, titled “Blood Stained Sands: Men of the Pacific Front in WWII,” was a shortened version of his history senior seminar thesis required for a History BA at BPC.  His paper was included on the panel titled “War in the Pacific and Southeast Asia: Papers on World War II and the Vietnam War.”

Presenting papers at conferences is a crucial aspect of the history field; historians are expected to contribute original research in such venues. It is a great honor and opportunity for an undergraduate to be a part of such an event. 

Kennedy’s paper analyzes memoirs from marines and war correspondents during major Pacific front battles, including Guadalcanal. In using these men’s notes, Kennedy highlights that many entered the war with visions of glory and patriotism, as the government promised in conscription campaigns. Yet, as the war raged around them, the men quickly began to question the validity of the war, the wrong stereotyping of the Japanese, and their individual legacy after the war was over.  The individual experiences of these men are often neglected in WWII histories; thus, Kennedy is adding to the field in highlighting what the war was like on the ground rather than only focusing on the larger military strategy and ultimate result. Kennedy has been interested in this project for years and the BPC Department of History is proud of his accomplishment with the research and presentation.

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