Early Childhood Education


Do you feel called to be an educator? Do you have a passion for young children and their families? At Brewton-Parker College, we can help you combine your passion and calling through a degree for Early Childhood Education. 

Through our B.S. in Early Childhood Education, you will be prepared for careers working with children from Pre-K all the way up to Fifth grade and their families. During your time in this program, you will cultivate life-long relationships with classmates who will become your second family. In addition, you will work closely with our faculty who will become more than your professors – they will become your mentors as they guide you through the joys and challenges of the Education field. Equipped with the highest degrees in their fields and years of experience in Early Childhood Education, they are ready to support and encourage you as you find God’s purpose for your life. 

Proficiency Outcomes

Once you earn your BS in Early Childhood Education, you will demonstrate the following proficiency outcomes:

  1. Understand and demonstrate knowledge of learner characteristics.
  2. Develop lesson plans that use technology and a variety of instructional methods.
  3. Demonstrate mastery of content.
  4. Promote creative and critical thinking.
  5. Demonstrate proficiency in writing and expression.
  6. Utilize formal and informal methods and assessments.
  7. Demonstrate an understanding of student diversity.
  8. Promote motivation and positive social interaction.
  9. Reflect upon practice and continue to grow professionally.
  10. Possess a Christian disposition toward school, local, state, national, and of world values while reinforcing the dignity and worth of the individual.

Still not sure if this program is for you? Check out some of the classes you can take and the careers you can have through a Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education.

EDU 303/314 | Curriculum and Instruction/ Field Practicums
EDU 321 | Early Childhood Language Arts & Social Studies Methods
EDU 324 | Early Childhood Math & Science Methods

Popular Classes

Potential Career Opportunities

Students who graduate from Brewton-Parker College with a degree in Early Childhood Education have many options available to them after graduation, such as

Preschool Teacher
Elementary School Teacher
Childcare Center Director
Home-Based Service Specialist

Before/After School Care Program Coordinator
Early Intervention Education
Family Support Provider
Child Care Administrator

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