Christian Studies & Humanities


The Christian Studies and Humanities Division is rooted firmly in a strong Christian and liberal arts tradition committed to the discovery of truth in the world in which we live. Studies in language, history, the creative arts, and human culture will prepare you for a more abundant life through vocational fulfillment and Christian service.

The Division of Christian Studies and Humanities has designed academic programs to serve a variety of students like you and your career goals.

Programs of Study

Look through our programs and find the fit that’s right for you.

General Learning Goals

With our robust core educational program, by the time you earn your degree through BPC, you will gain the overall knowledge, skills, and values associated with a Christian liberal arts education:

Develop critical and creative thinking skills

Demonstrate integrity and respect for self and others

Write, read, and speak effectively

Demonstrate numeracy, scientific literacy, and technical competence

Develop an understanding of the history of civilizations and of the forces shaping contemporary society

Develop an understanding and appreciation of human artistic expression

Department Faculty

Dr. Robert Brian

Professor of Liberal Studies

Dr. Adam Coker

Associate Professor of History & Christian Studies

Dr. Christian Dickinson

Assistant Professor of English

Dr. Steven Echols

Professor of Leadership

Dr. Matthew Haley

Associate Professor of Music

Dr. Andrew Hollingsworth

Assistant Professor of Theology and Christian Philosophy

Dr. Grant Lilford

Division Chair,
Professor of English

Dr. Timothy Miller

Assistant Professor of History

Dr. Billy Puckett

Assistant Professor of Theology and Ethics

Dr. Jerry Ray

Professor of New Testament

Dr. Frank Sharpe

Assistant Professor of English

Dr. Michael Steinmetz

Assistant Professor of Christian Studies

Dr. David Wilson

Assistant Professor of Church Music

Christopher Kirk

Assistant Director of Library and Information Services
Assistant Professor of English

Jerusha Yoder

Assistant Professor of English

Student Opportunities

The Oracle
The Historic Village
Ministerial Association
Music Ensembles

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