Middle Grades Education


The Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Middle Grades Education offers you the knowledge and tools you need to engage and teach 4th through 8th-grade students. Discover the rewards of a career spent exploring new ideas with young minds. 

At BPC, you will find classes in both traditional and hybrid formats. You’ll also thrive in our classrooms as we are combining cutting-edge technology with a traditional classroom seminar experience to fully prepare you for your career in education. We also offer field experience opportunities that will give you the first-hand teaching experience you need to fully prepare for the classroom. By the time you graduate from BPC with your B.S. in Middle Grades Education, you will be ready to walk into your first classroom of students and start changing lives. 


As a Middle Grades Education Major, you will select two areas of concentration from the following: 

  • Language Arts
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Social Studies

Not sure which concentration you should choose? Don’t worry! You will have a faculty advisor who will explain the various academic requirements and help you understand every aspect of our program. 

Proficiency Outcomes

Once you earn your BS in Middle Grades Education, you will demonstrate the following proficiency outcomes:

  1. understand and demonstrate knowledge of learner characteristics.
  2. develop lesson plans that use technology and a variety of instructional methods.
  3. demonstrate mastery of content.
  4. promote creative and critical thinking.
  5. demonstrate proficiency in writing and expression.
  6. utilize formal and informal methods and assessments.
  7. demonstrate an understanding of student diversity.
  8. promote motivation and positive social interaction.
  9. reflect upon practice and continue to grow professionally.
  10. possess a Christian disposition toward school, local, state, national, and world values while reinforcing the dignity and worth of the individual.

Still not sure if this program is for you? Check out some of the classes you can take and the careers you can have through a Bachelor of Science in Middle Grades Education.

Popular Classes

EDU 303 | Curriculum and Instruction for All Learners
EDU 314 | Field Practicum
EDU 312 | Middle Grades Teaching Methods

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