Admissions and Financial Aid


Brewton-Parker College offers three types of admissions. While all three are full admission to Brewton-Parker, there are limitations that apply to those students conditionally and provisionally admitted. Students are encouraged to apply for admissions early in order to avoid complications with admission, advising, or financial aid. Applicants also need to be aware of the deadline for filing a financial aid application as indicated on page 33 in the catalog.

If you have any questions about admission to BPC feel free to contact the Office of Admissions at 800-342-1087, ext. 3265 or email us at admissions@bpc.edu. We are here to help you!

Unconditional Acceptance
When an applicant meets all of the criteria for admissions, he or she is admitted unconditionally. A traditional freshman applicant may be granted unconditional admission pending completion of their final year of high school.
Conditional Acceptance
An applicant who does not meet criteria for unconditional admission may be granted conditional admission. Conditional Admission is full admission to the College. A student who is denied unconditional admission may submit a written request to the Admissions Committee requesting conditional admission. The Admissions Committee will make the final decision on granting or denying admission and may set criteria for continued enrollment. Failure to meet a stated condition(s) will result in denial of the privilege of enrollment unless the Admissions Committee agrees to allow continued enrollment with stated conditions of continued enrollment.
Provisional Acceptance
A student may be admitted for one term of enrollment on a provisional basis if all required credentials have not been received. Provisional Admission is full admission to the College. All required documents must be received by the College by the end of the first term of enrollment at Brewton-Parker or the privilege of continued enrollment will be denied. If you are provisionally admitted with an incomplete file, you must complete it by the end of that semester. If your file is not completed, you may not register for the following semester, receive grades, or have transcripts issued. A student who has been granted Provisional Admission may subsequently be granted unconditional or conditional admission or denial of the right to continue to enroll on the basis of submission of all required credentials. Provisional Admission cannot be granted if the applicant failed to graduate from high school or to achieve the required score on the GED exam.


At BPC, we recognize that every family is different and every student requires unique financial aid assistance in order to afford their college education. Our Financial Aid team strives to serve each student in every capacity possible, and as a result over 98% of our students receive the aid they need. We work hard to serve you in every way possible and we invite you to discover just how affordable a private education can be.