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Office Location

Room 112
Parker Building


Dr. Timothy Miller

Assistant Professor of History

Division of Christian Studies and Humanities

Curator of the Historic Village


  • PhD, History, University of Oxford, 2021
  • MA, History, Georgia State University, 2015
  • MDiv, Theology, Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary, 1991
  • BA, History, Shorter College, 1985


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Interesting Facts About Me

  • I was formerly the curator of the Abingdon Abbey Buildings in Oxfordshire, England where I often dressed as a monk to host school groups and to speak in local schools.

Research Interests

  • History of Science and Religion in the Early English Empire, 1620-1660
  • The Hartlib Circle, Seventeenth Century, and Colonial America
  • Medieval Benedictine Abbeys in England
  • Genealogy in Early America
  • Transportation Networks in West Africa

Favorite Classes Taught at BPC

  • HIS 152 – World Civilizations II
  • HIS 202United States to 1877

Favorite Bible Verses


Compiled the bibliography for Dr. Rob Iliffe’s Priest of Nature: The Religious Works of Isaac Newton (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2017).

The Elias Miller Family. Glennville, GA: Genealogy Book Printing.


“The Transformative Process of Research in the Intellectual Work of the Early Modern English Polymath Samuel Hartlib: Sharing of Information across Cultural and Geographical Boundaries, 1630-1660.” FCH Annals: Journal of the Florida Conference of Historians Vol. 22 (June 2015): 15-29.


“Unplanned Obsolescence: Ghana, Railroads, and Makers of the Post-colonial” 30 Jun 2015, Southeast World History Association (SEWHA), 27th Annual Conference: Envisioning Change, Savannah, GA.

“The Invisible Man: Samuel Hartlib in His Papers, 1620-1660” 14 Feb 2015, Florida Conference of Historians 55th Annual Meeting, Lakeland, FL.

‘Overcoming the Fall” 21 Mar 2014, Graduate History Conference, Baton Rouge, LA.

“Samuel Hartlib and the Scientific Revolution in Early Modern England: 1628-1660” 8 Mar 2014, Fourth Annual UAB Graduate History Forum, Birmingham, AL.

“The Religious Faith of the Scots-Irish Trans-Atlantic Immigrants” 16 Nov 2013, Atlanta Graduate Student Conference in US History, Decatur, GA.

“The Ulster Plantation” 16 Nov 2013, SEWHA 25th Annual Conference, Norfolk, VA.

“Just War Theory in the Monotheistic Religions” 14 Apr 2012, 2012 Graduate Student Conference, Atlanta, GA.

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