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The information technology department is responsible for a variety of things,but aim to give the the most fluid and satisfying experience for a student attending Brewton-Parker. We work to maintain and improve various applications used by students to ensure they are getting the best experience we can provide. We are frequently seen all over campus throughout the day and are more than happy to answer any questions. We encourage everyone to back any of their questions by submitting a help desk ticket so we can ensure that any problems are resolved in the correct and timely manner.

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New students will receive their credentials to their Single-Sign-On (SSO) account through the personal email on file. When first signing into their SSO account, new students are encouraged to set up security questions for their password recovery manager in the event they have forgotten their password. The answers given to the security questions must be exactly as when they were entered so we encourage students to take note of what they enter on their initial set up of their password recovery manager.

If the wrong password is entered five times then the account is locked. To unlock your account, please contact techsupport@bpc.edu to resolve this issue.

When selecting a new password, students are not permitted to enter a password containing their first or last name. New passwords are encouraged to be twelve characters or longer with the following criteria met:

  • One upper case character
  • One lower case character
  • One special character
  • One number

Any issues experienced can be directed to the tech support email.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is SSO?
SSO (single sign on) is a service used that combines various websites into one central sign on location. This way, you only need one set of credentials to access a variety of tools. When logging into your account, we recommend that you use Google Chrome as your browser.






Click here to download Google Chrome.
What tools are in my SSO portal?
SSO has a variety of tools accessible to both students and instructors. Here are some examples available:





-Brightspace: This is the online classroom environment that contains coursework from the classes you are enrolled in.

-MyWeb: This is where final grades are posted as well as financial aid status, the online book store, as well as class schedules.

-Hoonuit: Hoonuit is a online resource that contains instructional videos ranging from different subjects in the academic sphere.

-BPC email: This is how you will access your BPC email unless you link it to your Gmail app in your phone. To do that, please click on the following:

– Apple iPhone/iPad – Click Here
– Android Device – Click Here

All of these are only accessible after you have successfully signed into your SSO portal.

How do I log into SSO?
When you sign in the first time, you will be required to set security questions in case you happen to forget your password.
Please keep a note of your exact answers as they are case sensitive and will be required in case of a password reset.
How do I log into my BrightSpace account?
Brightspace is strictly accessed through your SSO account. Once you have logged onto your SSO account, just click on the brightspace icon in your SSO portal and it will take you to view your brightspace account.
How do I submit a Help Desk ticket?

Help desk tickets can be submitted through either email to techsupport@bpc.edu or by submitting one at the bottom of this page. Please be prepared to provide three of the following for verification purposes:

  1. Personal email on file
  2. Address on file
  3. Birth date on file
  4. Term enrolled
  5. Brewton-Parker identification number
Linking your BPC mail to the Gmail app on your phone.
For ease of access to your BPC email, you can add your BPC account to your smartphone using the Gmail or Mail app. Here is a tutorial on how to add an additional email to your smartphone:
– Apple iPhone/iPad – Click Here
– Android Device – Click Here
When will I receive my log on information?
Log on information will be sent to the personal email on file and will be sent out once you have been accepted. For Faculty and Staff, you would receive yours to your personal email as well, and will be sent out once our department receives information from Human Resources.
How do I clear my browser cache?

To clear your browser cache and cookies please follow the instructions in the link provided:






This is necessary in the event that you are entering your log on credentials into Single Sign on, however it is giving you a message that that your username and password are incorrect. This is due to the cached page referring to a previous session you might have had before, clearing this will resolve your issue.

How do I update my password?
Students can change their password at anytime through SSO as long as they can sign into their account. Start by clicking your account username in the top right hand corner of the home portal:





Student Password Reset

You will then be asked to re-enter your current password. Once entered, select the “Change Password” option seen here:

Stiudent Password Reset 2

For Staff and Faculty, if you are on your school provided laptop and signed into your account press and hold ctrl+alt+del. You will see the option to change password, select it and re-enter your current password followed by the updated one.


Does my password expire?
Student passwords expire after twelve months. We encourage everyone to setup their Password Security manager the first time they log into their account so they can reset their password at their own convenience once it expires.





Staff and Faculty passwords expire after six months and can also be reset through password recovery or by resetting their password through the ctrl+alt+del method.

How do I print on campus?

Students print using the PaperCut application in their SSO home portal. Refer to the following document for step by step instruction on how to submit a job to the follow me printers on campus:


Once you have clicked “Upload and complete”, you can go to a follow me printer on campus and swipe your student ID to print the uploaded document(s). If it is your first time swiping your card a the printer, you will need to associate account with your card. You do this by swiping your ID card, entering your SSO credentials into the username and password sections. Once entered, select Set Credentials” and you can swipe your ID to release future jobs.


Contact Information

BPC Helpdesk: Techsupport@bpc.edu

Phone contact: 912-583-3119

Location: Jordan Building, Technology Services suite

Ronak Chauhan

System Admin

Peter Thompson

PC/Network Technician

Chris Houston

Technology Work Study

Matthew Anderson

Technology Work Study

Mayya Hopkins

Technology Work Study

Monex Charles

Technology Work Study

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