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Office Location

Room 132
Miller Music Building

(912) 583-3115

Dr. Jerry Ray

Professor of New Testament

Division of Christian Studies and Humanities 


  • PhD, The University of Virginia, 1991 
  • MDiv, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, 1982 
  • BA, Mobile College, 1976 


Chair of the Division of Christian Studies, Brewton-Parker College, 2011-2016

Associate Professor of Christian Studies, Brewton-Parker College, Mount Vernon, Georgia, 1993-present.  

Pastor, First Baptist Church, Shellman, Georgia, 1988-93.

Pastor, Beaver Dam Baptist Church, Troy, Virginia, 1985-88.

Pastor, Smiths Station Baptist Church, Smiths, Alabama, 1982-85.

Interesting Facts About Me

  • I am an avid fan of MLB and College Football
  • I enjoy playing golf
  • I love to travel to new places.

Research Interests

  • New Testament, especially the Gospels and Acts
  • The Greek language

Professional Organizations/Memberships

  • None

Favorite Classes Taught at BPC

  • CHR 101 Introduction to the Old Testament
  • CHR 200 – Biblical Hermeneutics
  • CHR 327 – Apocalyptic Literature 
  • CHR 417 –  Christian Theology 

Favorite Bible Verses


Our Messianic Age: The Story of a Spiritual Legacy. Atlanta: Lighthouse Publishing, 2012.

Narrative Irony in Luke-Acts: The Paradoxical Interaction of Prophetic Fulfillment and Jewish Rejection. Lewiston, NY: Mellen Press, 1996.


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“The Presentation of Jesus in the Temple.” The Christian Index 179.35: 21.

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“Jeremiah 35: Establishing Godly Standards.” The Christian Index 182.9: 16.

“Genesis 13: Making Peace in the Family.” The Christian Index 182.9: 17.

“Giving Unselfishly: Two Models in Acts.” The Christian Index 182.10: 16.

“Serving God Like Aquilla and Priscilla.” The Christian Index 182.10: 17.

“Genesis 37: Joseph’s Coat.” The Christian Index 182.14: 17.

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