Dear Parents, Guardians and Loved Ones of Brewton-Parker College Students,

We are delighted that you are sending your student to Brewton-Parker College. As a parent myself, I understand how much a great education experience matters.  Parents and family members play a vital role in lives of students. We also acknowledge the sacrifices and emotional adjustments it takes to send your student to a new home-away-from-home. 

Brewton-Parker Colleges provides an opportunity that only a Christian college can, an environment that fosters spiritual as well as academic and social development. Our mission is to see the lives of our students transformed academically and spiritually for the glory of God. In all that we do, we keep that purpose to the forefront. At BPC, students will find expectations that they will not find at secular institutions. We have standards for our students to conduct themselves in a way that exemplifies that we are a Christian college. The specifics are in the student handbook, but the intent is always that we truly model and live a Christ-like life. 

Your student’s well-being is our top priority. Whether it is academics, athletics, the condition of the dorms, the food service, security, student services, the business offices, or any other aspect of our college, we are always interested in how we can better serve our students. Your input is always welcomed and appreciated. 

Providing a truly transformational experience as a Christian college is our mission. In every way, we want to partner with you in preparing our students for the brightest possible future as they go forth in fulfilling their God given potential in His plan for their lives. Thank you for entrusting us with this sacred endeavor of being the choice for your student’s college education. 


Dr. Steven Echols | President

Steven Echols

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