#MyBPC: Working at the BPC Historic Village

By: Hunter Kennedy and Wyatt Morris

At the beginning of this 2019 Spring Semester, we had no idea what to expect from this class. The first few weeks presented not only me, but the class with the importance of historical tours. We truly do think that researching and showing the public the past is extremely important. Without looking back at our past, we can find ourselves lost from tradition and family. What we learned from working with the village is that exploring our past not only tells us our family’s past, but the past of whole communities. Without tours like this, we could possibly lose the tradition and character of the communities our forefathers fought and struggled for.

Throughout our research we have uncovered a forgotten family and the lifestyle they lived. The Cooper – Conner family lived through a time period that is rich with history. This general history of Georgia in the 1800’s has been remembered and wrote down several times.  However, the individual families histories have been nationally cast aside and have only been recorded in a few books located in the regional area. Most of our research has been uncovered through books and journals passed down and stored in the Brewton Parker College library and the Ladson Genealogical library. Through these primary sources we were able to uncover the Cooper – Conner family history that has been recorded. At our historic site, we have taken our research and knowledge and applied it throughout the exhibit. 

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