#MyBPC Road to Success

By: Naomi Wilds

Naomi Wilds

In this spring semester of 2019, I am interned at Road to Success (Counseling Center on BPC’s campus) under the supervision of Mr. Thadeus Holloway. This internship was so impactful for me. Even from the beginning, I was welcomed with open arms and they trusted and respected me to complete the assignments that I was given.

I visited the court house, stopped by elementary schools, and also observed and performed specific tasks in the office. I participated in play therapy with a few children, engaging in activities with them such as playing card games, helping them make bracelets with their names, coloring books, drawing, and etc. It was a joy to see their faces light up even though their lives at home or at school may not be the best.

I filed paperwork and also ran a couple of errands for Mr. Thad when he needed me to. I have come to learn that some children are very open as well as conserved. I have also sat in a few sessions with Mr. Thad when he would be counseling an adult.

Through all these tasked, I learned that patience is definitely key. Listening has to be the top skill that I think psychologists have to have in order to be sufficient in their field and strategies. I have also engaged in Teleperformance and have also conducted a few treatment plans while attending this internship. I love how I can  work on things at my own pace even when given a task. I have thoroughly enjoyed who I have worked with – so many great people with amazing hearts. I look forward to using and applying all that I have learned in my upcoming schooling!

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