BPC is Pleased to Welcome the New Director of Library Services

Mr. John E. Shaffett, Brewton-Parker College, Director of Library and Information Services

MOUNT VERNON — Brewton-Parker College (BPC) is pleased to introduce Mr. John E. Shaffett as the new Director of Library and Information Services. Mr. Shaffett plans to bring his background, knowledge, and leadership into practice at BPC. He will provide oversight for all aspects of library operations. He has worked in libraries for twenty-eight years and as a Library Director for over eighteen years. During his time at three different Baptist institutions, Mr. Shaffett has also taught history courses. When asked how his prior experiences have prepared him for the current job, he confidently responded, “They’ve provided opportunities to develop leadership skills that will help me to be an effective leader in the library at Brewton-Parker.” 

Making an impact at BPC is one of Shaffett’s goals. He wants to make an impact at BPC using a plan that closely relates to the time of Queen Esther, “And who knows but that you have come to your royal position for such a time as this?” (4:14). I believe God has brought me to BPC to advance His kingdom and to change lives, one person at a time. I pray that God’s grace will help me to do this.” 

A library is a welcoming place and Mr. Shaffett truly believes the staff should be your friends. The staff wants to see their students succeed and are willing to help. He relates the library to the other departments in which the aim is to help students achieve their goals. He views the library as the “learning hub” of the campus and chapel as the “worship hub.” Shaffett shared he places an important emphasis on two specific things with his library staff; training and service. “I want to equip both full-time staff and student workers with the necessary skills that contribute to their success. I believe professional development is very important.” Shaffett continued, “Second, I want my library staff to be service-oriented. We must do all we can to serve our patrons.” He shared the importance of serving and how we can learn from Jesus’s example of service and leadership. 

 BPC Provost Bob Brian added, “We are very excited about the diversity of experience that Mr. Shaffett brings to the library at Brewton-Parker. The library serves not only as the repository for books and other information services, but also as a staging area for various exhibits and cultural events that bring the college and the community together in common discovery. We believe that with the leadership Mr. Shaffett can bring, the library holds the potential to become a focal point of pride for Brewton-Parker, Mount Vernon, and beyond.”

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