Alumni Awards

Brewton-Parker takes pride in equipping its graduates with a biblically centered education so that they can impact the world for Jesus Christ. With these tools, a vast number of BPC alumni have gained unique distinction in their professions, ministries and communities.

Therefore, the purpose of the annual alumni awards is to recognize and celebrate the achievements of Brewton-Parker’s distinguished graduates.

Award Types

Recognizes exceptional graduate alumni who are loyal to BPC in their support and promotion of the college in their community and who have mastered achievement in their professional life.

Honors excellent friends (non-graduates) of the college who offer their loyalty to BPC in their support and promotion of the college in their community.

Is given to outstanding alumni athletes who continue to contribute to athletic activities after graduating 5 or more years. The nominee must have had good sportsman-like performance at BPC or other institutions and is/was valued as a team player

Recognizes young alumni (graduated within the past 20 years) who have distinguished themselves by unusual success and significant accomplishment.

Honors superb alumni who have demonstrated a great commitment to the Lord and made a noteworthy contribution to Christian ministry through ministerial / pastoral work and has shown loyalty to BPC with their support and service.

Recognizes exceptional music alumni who have made significant contributions to his/her area of musical specialization.

Is given in honor of extraordinary alumni who are members of the Half-Century Club. The nominee shows loyalty to BPC through their service, promotion and support.

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