A minor in Psychology will supply students with a basic understanding of human behavior and the intricacies of the human mind. Students will encounter courses covering human growth and development, deviant behavior, social problems, child psychology, and biopsychology.


Below is a list of courses that are required to earn a minor in Psychology. Take a look at the list below to help give you an idea of classes within this program. Be sure to review the official requirements in the Academic Catalog.

Note: This list is intended to give you a glimpse into the program’s academic offerings, and should not be used as a guide for course selection or academic advising.

Required Courses

PSY 201 General Psychology*     Credit Hours: 3
This course is a survey of the history, theories, methods, and data of psychology. Emphasis is placed on physiology, perception, learning, emotion, motivation, personality, measurement, and social behavior.
*May also be used to satisfy core requirement

PSY 202 Human Growth and Development     Credit Hours: 3
This course is a comprehensive coverage of the growth and development of the human organism from conception to death.
Prerequisite: PSY 201

PSY 403 Abnormal Psychology    Credit Hours: 3
This course is an introduction to the study of behavioral disorders, their definition, classification, symptomology, and methods of therapeutic treatment.
Prerequisite: PSY 201

PSY 404 Counseling Psychology    Credit Hours: 3
This course is a survey of selected theories, principles, and techniques of counseling. The treatment
of individuals and the enhancement of personal well-being will be considered.
Prerequisite: PSY 201


PSY 406 Counseling Psychology    Credit Hours: 3
This course is a study of the biological basis of behavior and thought. After an examination of the
human nervous system and how neurons communicate, this course examines the effects of various
psychoactive drugs on the nervous system and the biological basis for anxiety neurosis,
schizophrenia, depression, pleasure and pain, drug addiction, sexuality, stress responses,
temperature regulation, thirst, and hunger.
Prerequisite: PSY 201 or 4 hours in BIO or CHM or instructor approval

You may choose 3 of any PSY course 300 level or above. Must complete 9 credit hours total to satisfy the electives requirement. 

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