Psychology is the formal study of human behavior.  At Brewton-Parker College, the psychology faculty endeavor to connect with the student at both a cognitive and spiritual level to attempt to answer the complex questions involved with human thinking, feeling, and behaving.

Both theory and practical applications are brought to light in both the regular classroom setting, as well as online to enable students to put a total level of understanding with the facts, data, and research presented by the professors.

At Brewton-Parker College, students can expect to be challenged by trained and dedicated faculty, both in the academic arena as well as the Christian and moral tradition that the college holds dear.

Once you earn your BA in Psychology, you will be able to:

  1. Knowledge base in psychology: Students will understand the major concepts in all courses as reflected in the required curriculum. 
  2. Scientific research in psychology: Students will apply scientific reasoning to interpret psychological data and research. 
  3. Ethical and social sensitivity: Students will utilize ethical standards to evaluate psychological science and practices and consider the salient sociocultural factors. 
  4. Professional development: Students will demonstrate psychological content and skills to career goals. Use biblical interpretation skills to gain knowledge of the Bible.

Still not sure if this program is for you? Check out some of the classes you can take and the careers you can have through a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology.

Popular Classes

PSY 201 |General Psychology
PSY 404 | Counseling psychology
PSY 309 | Human Sexuality

Potential Career Opportunities

Students who graduate from Brewton-Parker College with a degree in Psychology have many options available to them after graduation, such as

Career Counselor
School Counselor
Personal Financial Adviser
Management Analysts

Probation and Correctional Treatment Officer
Psychiatric Technician
Public Relations
Social Worker

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