Are you interested in examining substances at the molecular and atomic level? Gaining a deep understanding of the chemical processes found within matter? Researching the reaction and interaction of chemical compounds in order to improve or create new chemical substances?

Choosing a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry at Brewton-Parker College means you will delve into the world of molecules, identifying structure, mechanisms, synthesis and reactions. Courses such as organic chemistry, biochemistry, bioinorganic chemistry, biology, and physics, will expose to you the individual and complex layers of chemistry. Towards the completion of the degree, you will have the opportunity to undertake an original course of research in a laboratory environment.

We offer small class sizes to allow for hands-on, demanding coursework that will equip you to be an expert in your field. Our highly qualified professors will teach you how to think and work like a scientist in light of a biblical worldview. Whether you decide to become a chemist, work as a pharmacist, pursue a career in medical research, or continue your education, a B.S. in Chemistry from BPC is a great way to reach those goals.

Once you earn a B.S. in Chemistry, you will be able to:

  1. Comprehend the structure, properties, and reactions of chemical compounds, organic and inorganic.
  2. Perform a qualitative and quantitative analysis of chemical substances.
  3. Exercise skills required in a laboratory setting to experimentally study and undertake course research.
  4. Independently develop, carry out, and troubleshoot experiments to test a hypothesis.
  5. Analyze, interpret, and present results of scientific experiments.

Popular Classes

CHM 338 | Biochemistry
CHM 410 | Bioinorganic Chemistry
BIO 300 | Cell Biology
BIO 410 | Genetics

Potential Career Opportunities

Students who graduate from Brewton-Parker College with a degree in Chemistry have many options available to them after graduation, such as

Chemistry teacher
Chemical Engineer
Organic Chemist

Quality Control Chemist
Synthetic Chemist
Pharmaceutical manufacturer

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