Tuition Refunds

Students who withdraw from college because of illness or other sufficient cause, and whose withdrawals are officially approved, may refund as follows:


100% will be credited if withdrawal occurs during the first week of classes. 50% will be credited if withdrawal occurs during the second week of classes. Not applicable to second session or summer classes. None will be credited after the second week of classes.

Room & Board Fee

The Room Fee and Board Fee will be refunded at a prorated amount based on the number of weeks the dorm is occupied for students who withdraw before the end of the fifth week of classes for Fall and Spring complete semester courses. For summer and eight week session during Fall and Spring 100 % will be credited if withdraw during the first week. After the fifth week of classes, there will be NO refund of the Room Fee or Board Fee.

Other Fees

Most other fees are NOT refundable. Students who receive Title IV funds (PELL, SEOG, Perkins or Stafford loans) will be subject to a refund calculation as prescribed by the U.S. Department of Education’s policy. Students withdrawing from school must surrender their ID Meal Cards to the Dean of Students before refunds will be processed. Resident students who withdraw from school must complete a Room Check-Out Form and submit it to the Director of Residence Life before the refund request will be processed. REFUNDS ARE ISSUED ONLY AS A RESULT OF AN ACCOUNT OVERPAYMENT. NO INSTITUTIONAL GRANTS OR SCHOLARSHIPS WILL BE REFUNDED TO A STUDENT. Students who are suspended or expelled by the college are not eligible for any refunds. Students who leave the college when disciplinary action is pending or who do not officially withdraw are not eligible for any refunds.

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