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Office Location

Room 122
Morgan-Moses Math and Science Building

(912) 583-3301

Dr. Micah Eller

Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Division of Mathematics and Natural Sciences


  • PhD, Emory University
  • BS, Tennessee Technological University


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Interesting Facts About Me

  • I love video games and used to play World of Warcraft at a high level.
  • I like gardening and growing both vegetables and flowers.
  • A goal of mine is to visit every US National Park.

Research Interests

  • Protein folding
  • Protein-lipid interactions
  • Spectroscopy of biomolecules
  • Economical approaches to chemical research

Professional Organizations/Memberships

  • Biophysical Society

Favorite Classes Taught at BPC

  • MTH 102 – College Algebra
  • MTH 104 – Elementary Statistics

Favorite Bible Verses

Eller, Micah W.; Siaw, Hew Ming Helen; Dyer, R. Brian; Stability of HA2 prefusion structure and pH induced conformational changes in the HA2 domain of H3N2 hemagglutinin. Biochemistry 2021, 60 (35), 2623-2636.

Dyer, R. B.; Eller, M. W., Dynamics of hemagglutinin-mediated membrane fusion. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 2018, 115 (35), 8655-8657.

Glinski, R. J., Eller, M. W., On a common carrier hypothesis for the 6613.6 and the 6196.0 Å diffuse interstellar bands. Astrophysics and Space Science 2016, 361 (9), 305.

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