General Studies


The General Studies degree at Brewton-Parker College is a “gateway program” that places you at the threshold of opportunity for a wide variety of career choices or for additional preparation in graduate and professional studies.  For those wishing to explore options before specializing, the General Studies degree also affords students a more creative approach to higher education, encouraging the development of a broad knowledge base as well as the critical thinking and problem-solving skills so valued by employers in today’s diverse and global community.

By the time you earn your Bachelor of Arts in General Studies, you will:

  1. Demonstrate integrity and respect for self and others in all academic, athletic, career, and other interactions at Brewton-Parker College. 
  2. Develop critical and creative thinking skills. 
  3. Write, read, speak, and listen logically, clearly, and precisely. 
  4. Demonstrate numeracy, scientific literacy, and technical competence. 
  5. Develop an understanding and appreciation of human artistic expression.
  6. Develop an understanding of the history of civilizations and of the forces shaping contemporary society

Still not sure if this program is for you? Check out some of the classes you can take and the careers you can have with a degree in General Studies.

Popular Classes

ENG 220 | Advanced Techniques in Writing
PSY 403 | Abnormal Psychology
MUS 320 | Technology for Music

Potential Career Opportunities

Students who graduate from Brewton-Parker College with a degree in General Studies have many options available to them after graduation, such as

Bank Teller
Research Assistant
Technical Writer
Brand Manager

General Manager
Executive Assistant
Risk Management Specialist

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