If you’re fascinated by the human body and its capacity for healing and growth, and have a desire to help others improve their physical wellbeing, a Pre-Physical Therapy program from Brewton-Parker College may be your path forward. This program is meticulously designed to prepare students for the rigorous demands of a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) program. Our curriculum incorporates courses in anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, and biomechanics to provide a strong foundational understanding of the human body and its function.

Courses included in this program are Human Anatomy, Physiology, Biomechanics, and Kinesiology.

Are you inspired by the idea of helping others regain or improve their movement and manage their pain? With a Pre-Physical Therapy program at BPC, you’ll gain the knowledge and skills to make a difference in the lives of those who need it the most.

Choosing the Pre-Physical Therapy program at Brewton-Parker College means immersing yourself in the fascinating world of human movement. You will study the intricate systems of the human body, understanding how they work together to facilitate movement, and how to intervene when these systems aren’t working as they should.

At BPC, we prioritize small class sizes and provide a hands-on, challenging curriculum to equip you with a comprehensive understanding of the field. Our highly qualified professors will not only teach you the fundamentals of physical therapy, but will also guide you through a biblical worldview. Whether you plan to become a physical therapist, athletic trainer, exercise physiologist, or pursue another health-related career, our Pre-Physical Therapy program is a crucial step towards your goals.

Once you complete the Pre-Physical Therapy program, you will be able to:

  1. Understand human anatomy and physiology and how they relate to physical function and movement.
  2. Understand and apply principles of kinesiology and biomechanics.
  3. Prepare for the academic rigor of a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) program.

BPC’s Pre-Physical Therapy program is the ideal starting point for a rewarding career in physical therapy or related fields, providing the foundational knowledge necessary for success in advanced studies and practice.

Popular Classes

SES 410 | Sport Biomechanics
SES 425 | Exercise Physiology
PE 309 | Prevention and Care of Exercise Related Injuries

Potential Career Opportunities

As a student in the Pre-Physical Therapy program at BPC, you’ll study under dedicated professors who will not only train you in the key areas of physical therapy but will also guide your learning from a biblical perspective.

Students who complete the Pre-Physical Therapy program at Brewton-Parker College have a range of career opportunities available to them after graduation, such as:

Physical Therapist (with further education)
Athletic Trainer
Exercise Physiologist

Rehabilitation Therapist
Orthopedic Specialist
Sports Injury Specialist

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